Nauset Marine Brokerage Boats

There’s a saying in the industry; “If it was so easy – everyone would be doing it themselves.” In truth, it’s not so easy to sell a boat or find a boat that is a good match for you on your own. It takes time, commitment, know-how, and the right resources. If you are ready to buy or sell a boat, a Nauset Marine broker can help turn your dreams into reality.


So, why should you use a YBAA member professional yacht broker? Because a YBAA yacht broker will…

Provide a Strong Knowledge Base

Your Nauset Marine broker is exposed to the boat industry all day, every day. There are tens of thousands of boat builders and hundreds of thousands of boat models; no one can know it all. But we can at least acquire enough knowledge in certain segments to be able to address the good and bad points (e.g. quality, value, and performance, to name three key considerations) of many boats. At Nauset Marine, we listen closely to your wants and needs and how they will fit into your lifestyle.We will help you find the right boat for you at the best value.

Establish Value

Nauset Marine will help you establish the fair market value of a boat to help you determine a fair asking price or a realistic offer price. There is a bit of an art in pricing a boat. A broker will know comparable boats and where a specific boat fits in the marketplace. If you are a seller working on your own, improper pricing means fewer qualified buyers will be attracted to your boat and it will likely sit on the market piling up expenses without selling. A realistic price is one of the keys to successfully selling a boat. Anyone can look up asking prices on boats in the marketplace, but it takes someone in the business to accurately assess all the factors that determine the value of a specific boat (e.g. condition, outfitting, location) and to be familiar with selling prices.

Get Your Boat To Market

Your Nauset Marine broker will prepare a complete and accurate listing of the specifications of your boat that will be used to develop the print advertising, electronic advertising, and entry into the multiple listing services (MLS). In a matter of hours, a full description and photographs of your boat can be made available to brokers and buyers around the world, or right next door, with a central contact person— your broker—available to answer questions, qualify buyers, and arrange showings.

Negotiate on Your Behalf

Nauset Marine facilitates negotiation. The art of negotiating is one of the most important benefits of using a broker. We will provide you with one of the best negotiating tools you will ever have – the person who can say, “I’ll have to discuss this with my client and get back to you.” The element of time and insulation from immediate answers is one of the biggest leverage factors that both parties bring into any negotiation. Further, we can often help to structure a deal in creative ways to reach an agreement that might not have otherwise been possible.