Nauset Marine Rental FAQs at Nauset Marine East

Do I need a license or experience to rent a boat? No Boating license is require, however prior boating experience is recommended. We suggest first time boaters rent our smallest boat as it is easiest to handle. We offer 15 minutes of instruction with every rental.

How old do I need to be to rent a boat? At least one member of your party must be 25 or older and carry a valid ID or Drivers License.

Do you offer insurance? We do not offer insurance.

Can I cancel my reservation? Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of your reservation.

How early do we need to arrive? We ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. There is 5-10 minutes of check in and 15-20 minutes of instruction on the boat. If you arrive later than 30 minutes before your departure your safety instruction may cut into your boating time.

Can we rent multiple days in a row? You are more than welcome to rent multiple days in a row, however the vessel needs to be returned to Nauset Marine East at the end of each day to be re-fueled and cleaned for the following day. Rental boats are not to be kept overnight at your rental property, even if you have a valid dock or mooring space. If you rent for five or more consecutive days a multi-day discount may be applied.

Can we rent more than one boat at a time? You can rent up to four boats, if available, at one time to accommodate large parties, however each rental boat must have a responsible adult over 25 years of age as a designated renter.

How many people can I bring? Our largest vessel can legally accommodate 10 passengers. Under no exception can there be more passengers on the rental boat then legally allowed. Infants and Small Children count as passengers, so please count them when making your reservations.

Where can we take the boat? Nauset Marine rental boats are restricted to the waters of Pleasant Bay from Meetinghouse Pond in Orleans to Chatham Lighthouse in Chatham. Nauset Marine rental boats are not allowed, under any circumstance, to enter the Atlantic Ocean.

Can we go to the beach? Yes, there is a long stretch of the inside of Nauset Beach in Chatham that is accessible to rental boats. We will instruct you how to best moor on the beach and cast off the beach during your safety instruction. There are also multiple points in Little Pleasant Bay and Big Pleasant Bay where you can anchor out of the channel and swim off the boat using the swim platform and ladder. We ask that at least one responsible adult remains with the boat at all times.

Are there restaurants we can go to by boat? There are a couple of restaurants and waterfront attractions you can go to with our rentals.

  • Wequassett Resort in Big Pleasant Bay offers an Outer Bar and Grille and Pleasant Bay Terrace which are accessible by boat. Simply off-load your guests on their dock and then your rental boat will be moored while you dine, enjoying the views of Pleasant Bay and Round Cove.
  • Chatham Fish Pier offers a fish market for a take-out lunch, although dock space is limited.

Can we ski or tube? Due to insurance regulations, we do not allow towing of any kind including but not limited to skis, body boards, tubes or any other personal watercraft or water-sport.

What should we bring with us? We highly recommend Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, water, snacks or a picnic lunch, beach towels, camera , cell phone and a dry bag for personal items or electronic devices you would not want to get wet. Nauset Marine is not responsible for any damage to personal or electronic devices that are damaged by water or environment.

Is there shade on the boat? We do provide Sun-tops on all our rental boats. These are optional and can also be left down upon request.

Can we fish? Yes, you are welcome to fish in all accessible inland waters. We do not provide fishing equipment and do not sell bait on site so please bring your own.

Can we bring our dog? Yes, pets are welcome as long as they will enjoy the ride. Make sure to bring a bowl and water for your furry friend!